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seafood restaurants in st louisSTL isn't exactly near an ocean, but you can still find fresh seafood at many restaurants in the St. Louis area.  Check out these local restaurants by visiting their sites and seeing what type of Seafood dishes are currently featured on their menu.  Going out to restaurant to eat seafood can be more than a little intimidating. There are usually a lot of seafood dishes to choose from, and no one wants the nasty surprise of ordering something with a head, or worse, raw - not unless that is what they wanted

Seafood Restaurants in St. Louis

St. Louis Seafood   Phone  Attributes  Location
 400 Olive  314-554-7098  American, Seafood  Downtown
 801 Fish  314-875-9636  Seafood  Clayton
 Bissell Mansion  314-533-9830  American, Dinner Theater  Downtown
 Bistro 14  314-231-5007  American, Seafood  Downtown
 Bob's Seafood  314-993-4844  Seafood  Central County
 Haveli Indian  314-423-7300  Indian, Seafood  Northwest County
 Hokkaido  314-270-9401  Asian Seafood, Steaks  South County
 Iron Barley  314-351-4500  American, Seafood  South St. Louis
 Mango  314-621-9993  Peruvian, Latin American  Downtown
 Oceano  314-721-9400  Seafood  Clayton
 Grbic Restaurant  314-772-3100  European, Bosnian  South St. Louis
 Wasabi  Multiple Locations  Japanese, Seafood  Multiple Locations
 Yemanja Brasil  314-771-7457  Brazilian, Latin American  Benton Park - Soulard

Popular seafood entrees served at restaurants in St Louis.

Coconut Shrimp:
This is an iconic Chinese dish that has made its way past traditional Chinese cuisine and into the hearts of restaurant lovers around the globe. While it isn’t the most well-known dish on the planet, it is quite delicious. There are two versions. The first is the most popular and is fried in a mixture of breadcrumbs and coconut flakes and usually eaten with sweet chili sauce. The second is served in its very own creamy coconut sauce. Both dishes are quite good, although both work better as an appetizer rather than a main course.

Shrimp Alfredo:
This popular Italian dish is a variation of the ever popular Alfredo. As could be expected, there are multiple incarnations of this dish. Usually you will get it with the traditional broad fettucine, but it can also be served with angel hair pasta or other thin noodle. Shrimp Alfredo consists of a creamy Alfredo sauce, shrimp and noodles. The dish will usually be served alongside garlic bread and a salad but that does depend on the restaurant.  

Cioppini: Cioppini is at the heart of American fish cuisine. The dish originated in San Francisco and consists of a hearty broth combined with whatever fish was brought in that day. Usually there are multiple types of fish in the pot and the name actually means ‘chip in’ because the Italian fishermen who created it would ask fishermen going by to chip in to the pot and share the meal.

Clam Bake:
Another great North American classic, you’re most likely to find this essential fish dish on the east coast. Clam bake, like Cioppini, consists of multiple different types of fish and seafood and is surprisingly most likely not going to include clam. If you’re looking for a hearty dish packed with corn, potatoes and seafood, this is definitely for you.

Fried Fish:
A classic everywhere in the world, fried fish can be found in nearly any restaurant that sells fish. Depending on where you are at you can get Dutch kibbeling, fried catfish, fried seabass and several more types of fish. Usually the fish you get will depend on the region. You can also rely on a more upscale restaurant having a whole fried fish or large fillets while a smaller one will usually serve it in smaller chunks.

mussels st louisGarlic Butter Mussels: Probably one of the most popular Italian seafood dishes around, mussels in garlic butter is a surprisingly simple and yet delicious appetizer. This dish usually consists of mussels cooked in fragrant herbs, garlic and butter and then mixed with a small amount of cream before being served hot. These mussels are absolutely delicious when cooked to perfection, but like all shellfish, will be more than a little chewy if overcooked.